Summer AMP Sale

         August 19, 2019

We are offering a limited number of AMP-focused, 15-month license packs all summer long!

The individualized nature of tumors requires genomic testing for providing the best outcomes for patients. Next-Gen Sequencing enables the detection of small mutations, copy number changes, and common fusions affordably and with high precision. However, the interpretation of these detected variants is arduous without a comprehensive analytical workflow that can incorporate all the bioinformatic and clinical evidence involved in following the AMP guidelines for the scoring and reporting of somatic mutations.

Building on the success of VSClinical’s ACMG guidelines, the new VSClinical AMP guidelines enables new and existing labs to provide genetic tests for cancer efficiently and with a focus on delivering consistent and accurate results.

Summer AMP Sale Bundles

  • (1 remain) VSClinical Pack – 2 Users | $23,995
    Includes VSClinical & +AMP
  • (Sold Out) VSClinical PowerPack – 2 users | $29,995
    Includes VSClinical, +AMP, VS-CNV & Sentieon
  • (2 remain) Small Warehouse Pack – 2 users | $48k
    Includes VSClinical, +AMP, VS-CNV, Sentieon Tier 1, VSReports & VSPipeline
  • (1 remains) Large Lab Warehouse PowerPack – Up to 10 users | $120k
    Includes VSClinical, +AMP, VS-CNV, Sentieon Tier 1, VSReports & VSPipeline

These offers will expire on September 30, 2019.

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