Summer 2021 Software Specials

         May 25, 2021

Summer is quickly approaching, which heralds the return of our summer software specials! Golden Helix will be offering a limited number of the following deals through June 30th, 2021. Here is a snapshot of what is being offered:

  • VarSeq w/ CADD & OMIM (3-users) – $8,995 | (3 available)
    • Our filtering and annotating product, VarSeq, paired with premium annotations.
  • VSClinical, CNV, Sentieon Tier 1 (2-users) – $19,995 | (3 available)
    • Our workflow product, VSClinical, ensuring compliance with the ACMG guidelines for hereditary diseases, combined with our CNV caller and a Sentieon starter package for alignment and variant calling.
  • VSClinical, AMP, CNV, Sentieon Tier 1 (2-users) – $29,995 | (3 available)
    • Same as above, with the added AMP guidelines capabilities.
  • Small Warehouse License: VS-CNV, VSClinical+ AMP, Sentieon Tier 1, VSReports, VSPipeline – (2-users) – $48K | (3 available)
    • This is an ideal solution for a smaller lab with higher throughput requirements. This bundles our automation tool, VSPipeline, and data warehouse solution, VSWarehouse, as well as supports clinical reporting in concordance with ACMG & AMP with VSClinical.
  • Large Warehouse License: VS-CNV, VSClinical + AMP, Sentieon Tier 1, VSReports, VSPipeline (<10 users) – $120K | (3 available)
    • Same as above for a larger license configuration.

We have an additional opportunity for those who are planning long-term and have flexibility in their current budget. If you can commit to a two-year purchase with payments upfront, then you will receive a third year at no cost.

As a reminder, these will only be available until June 30th, 2021, and are very competitive throughout our global community. Therefore, if you are interested, we encourage you to reserve a bundle as soon as possible via email or on our site here.

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