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         November 11, 2016

This year we have added some very important features to our software including CNV calling in VarSeq and integrating our premium annotations into SVS. We have also made many improvements to our software’s performance so that you can handle growing datasets with relative ease. In an effort to thank our community for their support throughout the year, we are happy to announce four special pricing offers.


Clinical Reporting

VarSeq combined with VSReports equips your lab with a clinical pipeline that quickly and easily zeros in on the variants of significance and automatically generates customized, clinical reports.

This offer includes:

  • 2 annual seats of VarSeq
  • Access to VSReports for clinical reporting
  • Access to our premium annotations, CADD & OMIM


Data Warehousing

Created specifically to handle genomic data, VSWarehouse allows you to leverage, manage and centralize massive amounts of data with ease. Combined with VarSeq, VSReports and VSPipeline, this package is perfect for a small lab looking to establish a proven and trusted clinical pipeline.

This offer includes:

  • 2 annual seats of VarSeq
  • Access to VSReports, VSPipeline & VSWarehouse
  • Access to our premium annotations, CADD & OMIM
  • Limited to 5 clients!

CNV Calling

CNV Calling

VarSeq’s new copy number variant calling capabilities helps your lab to simplify its clinical workflow. Now, you can complete variant interpretation and CNV calling in one paradigm, saving the cost and hassle of conducting additional CMA or MLPA testing.

This offer includes:

  • 1 annual seat of the VarSeq software
  • Access to our new copy number variant calling capabilities

 SNP & Variation Suite

SVS with Premium Annotations

Streamline your analysis with a complete toolset for SNP & DNA-seq analysis with the SNP & Variation Suite (SVS) software. Your workflows are further enhanced by providing you with direct access to premium annotation sources within the software.

This offer includes:

  • 1 annual seat of SVS
  • Access to our premium annotations, CADD, OMIM & OncoMD

Interested? Fill out the short form on our website here.

The above offers are only valid for new, academic or government customers and orders must be received by Wednesday, December 21st, 2016.

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