End of Year Bundles 2018

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We took our most popular software packages, doubled the number of bundles we usually offer, and then went on a price slashing frenzy! With a little something for everyone at the lowest price of the year, this is the time to implement a Golden Helix solution.

As you will notice below, each of our bundles are limited. Meaning, if you’re interested in any of these options, you will have to act quickly! To reserve your bundle(s), please get ahold of the Golden Helix team by filling out the form at the bottom of this page or simply emailing us at info@goldenhelix.com!

  • SNP &Variation Suite (SVS) w/ CADD & OMIM | 3-Seat License – $5,995
    • CADD is a tool for scoring the deleteriousness of single nucleotide variants as well as insertion/deletions variants in the human genome. While many variant annotations and scoring tools are around, most annotations tend to exploit a single information type (e.g., conservation) and/or are restricted in scope(e.g., to missense changes).
    • OMIM is a comprehensive database of human genes and genetic phenotypes for all known mendelian disorders and over 15,000 genes.
      • Includes 3-seat licenses of SVS, CADD, and OMIM
      • Number of Bundles Available: 5
  • SNP &Variation Suite (SVS) w/ CNV & VarSeq w/ CNV | 1-Seat License – $9,995
    • This is a two-fold solution package. VarSeq, in combination with VS-CNV, enables you to deep dive into your CNV analysis from a clinical perspective. Beyond that, itis possible to leverage SVS and SVS-CNV to investigate CNV phenotype association in large population studies.
    • This package is for clinical labs conducting research and enables users to research the impact of CNVs across a broader set of samples.
      • Includes 1-seat licenses of SVS, SVS-CNV, VarSeq, and VS-CNV
      • Number of Bundles Available: 5
  • SNP &Variation Suite (SVS) Imputation Module | 2-Seat License – $7,995
    • Are you working with different SNP arrays? Alternatively, do you have historical SNP array data that you need to combine with modern SNP array outputs? In this case, you could use our imputation capabilities within SVS to conduct a meta-analysis on data based on different SNP arrays with varying resolutions.
      • Includes 2-seat licenses of SVS and Imputation
      • Number of Bundles Available: 3
  • VarSeq w/CADD & OMIM | 3-Seat License – $8,995
    • Here is a great starter package for labs that want to get started in the tertiary analysis of NGS data. Just a few highlighted capabilities are filtering and annotation of gene panels, clinical exomes and whole genomes with the possibility to take phenotypic information into account.
    • We bundle this with CADD & OMIM to give you access to two powerful annotation sources that are widely used in clinical settings.
      • Includes 3-seat licenses of VarSeq, CADD, and OMIM
      • Number of Bundles Available: 3
  • VarSeq CNVPowerPack & Sentieon Tier One | 2-Seat License – $17,495
    • Starting from FASTQ, this package gives you the ability to call SNVs and CNVs. In addition, it gives you powerful tertiary analysis capabilities to assess the quality of each event, to annotate against public and private databases and lastly to prioritize variants vis-à-vis observed phenotypes.
      • Includes 2-seat licenses of VarSeq, VS-CNV andSentieon Tier One
      • Number of Bundles Available: 5
  • VSClinical,CNV & Sentieon Tier One | 2-Seat License – $24k
    • A complete solution for labs to take any clinical interpretation from FAST to report while complying with applicable ACMG guideline rules. Also, this package gives a lab the capability to conduct a thorough CNV analysis within an NGS sample. All findings are captured in a clinical report that can be generated with a single mouse click.
      • Includes 2-seat licenses of VarSeq, VS-CNV, VSClinical, CADD, OMIM and Sentieon Tier One
      • Number of Bundles Available: 5
  • Small LabData Warehouse Package w/ CNV, VSClinical & Sentieon Tier One | 2-seat license – $42k
    • The ultimate package for clinical labs. It has all the capabilities we discussed in the VSClinical, CVN & Sentieon Package (see above). In addition, the VSWarehouse allows a lab to query efficiently if a variant has been seen before. It gives a lab the option to build powerful assessment catalogs to standardize the clinical variant interpretation across any number of analysts within a lab. It provides a lab with the ability to share variants with other collaborators.
      • Includes 2-seat licenses of VarSeq, VS-CNV, VSClinical, VSWarehouse, CADD, OMIM, and Sentieon Tier One
      • Number of Bundles Available: 2

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