All Excited About Mixed Models

Last month, Bryce Christensen wrote a little about mixed models and their application in GWAS. He promised that this analysis would be available in SNP & Variation Suite (SVS) “soon,” but didn’t elaborate. We are now excited to announce that three mixed model methods are available in SVS: GBLUP, EMMAX, and MLMM!

To help demonstrate their utility and when to use one over the other, Greta Linse Peterson (Senior Statistician) will be giving a webcast next Wednesday, June 5th at noon EDT. Interest is certainly high as we’ve had over 450 people register already! There’s sure to be a broad range of expertise in the audience, from beginner to definitive experts, so be sure to join us.

Speaking of definitive experts, Eleazar Eskin who heads up the group at UCLA that authored EMMA and EMMAX, let us know that he plans to listen in on Wednesday too. He recently shared a blog post he wrote that provides a quick overview of mixed models, especially in relation to their utility in model organisms. Check it out: Mixed Models and Population Structure. Hopefully, he won’t give Greta too much of a hassle in the Q&A portion of the webcast!

We look forward to “seeing” you there!

Mary Makris

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