Announcing Technical Support Bulletins

Last month I was inspired to create a new way to keep our customers apprised of the latest information on Golden Helix software without cluttering inboxes and overwhelming our blog. I happened to receive a link to an article for one of Illumina’s bulletins and realized that was exactly what we needed at Golden Helix as well!

On Wednesday, we went live with our new Technical Support Bulletins page! As you can see, we have a variety of bulletins already available including the release notes from our latest SVS release (7.6.7) and an announcement regarding the new annotation tracks and filters that is cross-published on our blog as well. Be sure to bookmark the page for all the latest information!

I am very excited to see this come together, and I hope it will be useful to answer those quick questions on what we have available as well as what has changed with recent software releases. Suggestions always welcome!

About Greta Linse Peterson

Greta Peterson is Golden Helix’s Director of Services. Her main duty is managing the Field Application Scientist and Customer Support teams. Greta and her team are also responsible for software quality control, ensuring that the software releases are subject to the most rigorous testing protocols and for all the technical documentation and tutorials. In addition, Greta writes Python scripts for extending SVS functionality and conducts software demonstrations and training for customers and prospects. Greta joined Golden Helix in 2008 when she completed her Masters degree in both Mathematics and Statistics at Montana State University in Bozeman. When Greta is not working, she enjoys spending time with her family and hiking the surrounding areas of Bozeman.

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