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Cheryl Rogers

Using GWAS to Improve the Economics of the Aquaculture Industry

Recently, customer Xin Geng of Auburn University published a paper using SVS, and we wanted to share his story with you. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions or if you would like to learn more about … Continue reading

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Mary Makris

An Introduction to Dr. Ralucu Mateescu

A few months ago in Golden Helix’s 2nd Annual Abstract Challenge, Dr Raluca Mateescu tied for third place with her entry on the palatability of beef. We mentioned in our previous post highlighting all of the challenge winners that Dr. … Continue reading

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Cheryl Rogers

PAG Bound!

Once again, we will be kicking off our year with our annual trip to San Diego for PAG XXIII. This year, it could not come at a better time. Over the last few weeks, it has been bitter cold in … Continue reading

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Greta Linse Peterson

Genomic Prediction and How it’s Used

Golden Helix is excited to host a webinar on Tuesday August 26th discussing the Genomic Prediction methods which were recently integrated into the SVS software. Genomic prediction uses several pieces of information when calculating its results. Genetic information is used to predict … Continue reading

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Andreas Scherer

SVS 8.2 – New Capabilities and Features

Earlier this year we completed the marriage of SVS and GenomeBrowse. When we released Version 8 of SVS we completed a major engineering task. A lot of things under the hood of both products had been changed to create a … Continue reading

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Cheryl Rogers

Matthew McClure, PhD Analyzes Genotypic Data to Determine Cattle’s Breeding Potential

For lead geneticist Dr. Matthew McClure, of the Irish Cattle Breeding Federation (ICBF), finding a software program that could handle massive amounts of data as well as more than the standard twenty-three pairs of chromosomes found in humans was a … Continue reading

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Bryce Christensen

Population Structure + Genetic Background + Environment = Mixed Model

A few months ago, our CEO, Christophe Lambert, directed me toward an interesting commentary published in Nature Reviews Genetics by authors Bjarni J. Vilhjalmsson and Magnus Nordborg.  Population structure is frequently cited as a major source of confounding in GWAS, … Continue reading

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Greta Linse Peterson

New Plant and Animal Genomes and Tracks Now Available!

Happy new year! We hope all of our readers, clients, and users had a great holiday season filled with friends and family! While Golden Helix did take a break from blogging in December, we’ve still been pretty busy bringing you … Continue reading

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Josh Forsythe

Affinity for Agrigenomics: Not afraid to get their hands dirty

Take a look at our website, the list of conferences we exhibit at, the meetings we attend. It’s no secret our business is heavily geared toward human genetics. It’s no accident either. From the beginning we sought to make a … Continue reading

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Agrigenomic Researcher at U.C. Davis, Gonzalo Rincon, DVM, and Colleagues Publish 14 Articles and Obtain 2 Patents Using SVS

Editor’s Note: This case study was written while Dr. Gonzalo Rincon was with the University of California, Davis. Dr. Rincon is now working as a Principal Investigator in Animal Genetics at Zoetis. Gonzalo Rincon, DVM is a Project Scientist in … Continue reading

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