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About Rudy Parker

Rudy Parker joined Golden Helix in 2001 as a Senior Account Manager. His job is to convey the company software products and services benefits to prospective customers, and provide training/technical support where needed. Rudy is happy when the customer is happy, and he won’t leave a stone unturned before that is achieved. Prior to joining Golden Helix, Rudy worked for Golden Ratio. He also worked in the Dutch navy for 5 years, prior to moving to the USA in 1990, and is now a US Citizen. When not at work, Rudy enjoys his Bikram Yoga exercise, gardening in his greenhouse or improving the output of his solar panel powered alternative energy system.

Report from Capita Selecta in Complex Disease Analysis Conference in Belgium

How much fun is a person allowed to have when going to a conference? That kind of sums up my personal experience going to the first ever Capita Selecta in Complex Disease Analysis (bi-annual) conference in Leuven, Belgium. Not only was it fun, but the conference program was packed with interesting talks and short courses. Dr. Kristel van Steen and… Read more »