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About James Grover

James Grover was hired as Golden Helix' third employee ten years ago and is still with the company today. He is a Senior Mathematician and Computer Engineer whose job is to enhance and maintain SVS through implementing state-of-the-art algorithm as software code, both in the core product and in scripts. James has a Masters in Applied Math from California Institute of Technology. Prior to joining Golden Helix, James did software programming for a scientific contracting company and for a non-profit organization. In his free time, he enjoys singing and playing the clarinet.

Checking Relatedness and/or Inbreeding in Samples as a Quality Assurance Measure

James' whiteboard with IBD calculations

Almost every statistic that is used for significance testing in scientific research comes with a set of assumptions. If the test is applied to data that does not meet those assumptions, then the results of the test may not be valid. The statistics commonly used in genome-wide association studies (GWAS), such as the Fisher’s Exact Test or the Chi-Square Test,… Read more »