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Greta Peterson is Golden Helix’s Director of Services. Her main duty is managing the Field Application Scientist and Customer Support teams. Greta and her team is also responsible for software quality control, ensuring that the software releases are subject to the most rigorous testing protocols and for all the technical documentation and tutorials. In addition, Greta writes Python scripts for extending SVS functionality and conducts software demonstrations and training for customers and prospects. Greta joined Golden Helix in 2008 when she completed her Masters degree in both Mathematics and Statistics at Montana State University in Bozeman. When Greta is not working, she enjoys spending time with her family and hiking the surrounding areas of Bozeman.
Greta Linse Peterson

GxE Regression Option to be Available in SVS

We are pleased to announce that another one of the most asked for features is going to be a part of our SNP & Variation Suite™ software, Gene by Environment Interaction Regression (also known as GxE Regression). Earlier this year … Continue reading

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Greta Linse Peterson

Meta-Analysis is now available in SVS!

Earlier this spring we announced that Meta-Analysis was coming to SVS very soon. Now, I am pleased to announce that it is available in the latest release of SVS (version 8.4.0). Meta-Analysis takes the results of two or more GWAS … Continue reading

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Greta Linse Peterson

Comparing Meta-Analysis Methods: A Meta Examination

Meta-analysis is an important tool to have in the bioinformatics toolbox. The numbers alone speak for themselves. It is the fourth most requested feature for SVS, and a simple google scholar search for 2014 and 2015 find 17,300 results for … Continue reading

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Greta Linse Peterson

Genomic Prediction and How it’s Used

Golden Helix is excited to host a webinar on Tuesday August 26th discussing the Genomic Prediction methods which were recently integrated into the SVS software. Genomic prediction uses several pieces of information when calculating its results. Genetic information is used to predict … Continue reading

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Greta Linse Peterson

New MM-KBAC Method Explained

Last month, June 2014, we announced a new method that Golden Helix developed–the soon to be available MM-KBAC. MM-KBAC, or Mixed Model Kernel Based Adaptive Clustering combines the KBAC method developed by Lui and Leal (2010) with a random effects … Continue reading

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Greta Linse Peterson

Back to Basics: Importing/Exporting Data in Imputation Program Data Formats with SVS

In a recent blog post (Comparing BEAGLE, IMPUTE2, and Minimac Imputation Methods for Accuracy, Computation Time, and Memory Usage), Autumn Laughbaum compared three imputation programs. Data can be exported from, or imported into, SVS in the standard file formats for … Continue reading

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Greta Linse Peterson

More Mixed Model Methods!

Thanks to everyone for the great webcast yesterday. We had over 850 people register for the event and actually broke the record! Take that Bryce and Gabe! If you would like to see the recording, view it at: Mixed Models: … Continue reading

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Greta Linse Peterson

Follow Along on an Analyst’s Journey to Filter Whole Genome Data to Four Candidate Variants in SVS

Last week Khanh-Nhat Tran-Viet, Manager/Research Analyst II at Duke University, presented the webcast: Insights: Identification of Candidate Variants using Exome Data in Ophthalmic Genetics. (That link has the recording if you are interested in viewing.) In it, Khanh-Nhat highlighted tools … Continue reading

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Greta Linse Peterson

Three New Scripts and Two Updated Ones

We are excited to let you know about new scripts to aid in filtering rows/columns and identifying unique values in a column, as well as two updated scripts. Don’t forget about the Technical Support Bulletins which keep you up-to-date on … Continue reading

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Greta Linse Peterson

New Plant and Animal Genomes and Tracks Now Available!

Happy new year! We hope all of our readers, clients, and users had a great holiday season filled with friends and family! While Golden Helix did take a break from blogging in December, we’ve still been pretty busy bringing you … Continue reading

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