New Annotations and Maps Added to the Golden Helix Data Repository

The Golden Helix Data Repository hosts numerous annotation files, marker maps, and genome maps for a variety of species.  These downloadable files help clarify complex data and provide insight at the variant-, gene-, or whole-genome level.  Recently, we made several additions to the data repository that we wanted to let you know about.

The Infinium HumanOmniExpressExome + BeadChip from Illumina combines data from the Exome and OmniExpress chips.  The marker map for this chip is now available through the GHI data repository.  Like other Illumina maps, a few additional fields are included that were derived from the raw data.  These include “Strand vs dbSNP” which specifies whether or not the source strand and Illumina strand match, and the “Observed” field which flips alleles based on the matched or mismatched strand.

Another recent addition to the data repository is the basic marker map for the Illumina HD Assay Super (550) chip.

Our data repository also hosts supplemental files for species other than human.  We recently added marker maps for the Bovine SNP50, Bovine LD and Bovine HD SNP Illumina chips for the UMD3.1 and BTAU4.0 builds.  These marker maps provide an invaluable resource for customers who conduct bovine research.

We’ve also been putting effort into expanding our base to include plant genetics.  With this in mind, we curated a few annotations files and a genome map for the Sorghum Bicolor genome build.  The new files include a Reference Sequence annotation track and Pytozome gene annotation track.

To obtain any of these files, simply open SVS and go to Tools > Manage Genome Maps, Manage Annotation Tracks, or Manage Marker Maps.  Click on the Download from Golden Helix button at the top, choose the file you want, and click OK.  The genome map, annotation track, or marker map will now be available for application in your project.

Here at Golden Helix, we are always excited about helping our customers with their questions and requests.  If you would like to see a marker map or annotation track curated and uploaded to our server, just let us know!

…And that’s my 2 SNP’s.

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