Upcoming Webcast – Making NGS Data Analysis Clinically Practical: Repeatable and Time-Effective Workflows

Hands-On Time Savings
Presenter: Autumn Laughbaum, Biostatistician with introduction by Dr. Andreas Scherer, President & CEO
Date: September 10, 2013
Duration: 60 Minutes

Exploring next-generation sequence data requires an iterative process whereby a researcher can find a “needle in the haystack” that contributes to a particular disease or other phenotype. Once that needle has been found, a workflow can be established for analyzing other samples or to create a repeatable, time-effective process for clinical usage.

Yet, repeating a workflow that involves several different quality control, filtering, and analysis steps is burdensome and error-prone.

To solve this problem, we introduce custom workflow automation in SVS, which allows you to collapse dozens of steps into a few run-specific options. This click-and-go process saves an exponential amount of time while eliminating the inevitable user error that happens with tedious repetition and ensures that the exact same protocol is followed with each run, a critical requirement for use in the clinic.

Jessica Vionas

About Jessica Vionas

Jessica Vionas is the Director of Marketing at Golden Helix and as such, she is responsible for creating a comprehensive marketing, communications, and public relations strategy to position the company in the life sciences marketplace and ensure a consistently full sales funnel to meet and exceed revenue goals. Prior to joining Golden Helix in May of 2010, Jessica worked for eight years in the marketing department at a credit evaluation software company based in Bozeman. She received her Bachelor of Science in Sociology from Montana State University in 2006. When not at the office, Jessica enjoys playing with her dog Athena, reading marketing books, and spending time with her friends and family, preferably in the bright sunshine of Montana.
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2 Responses to Upcoming Webcast – Making NGS Data Analysis Clinically Practical: Repeatable and Time-Effective Workflows

  1. Yossi Levy says:

    Any chance to have this webcast in a more European friendly time zone?

  2. Jessica Vionas says:

    Hi Yossi,
    I’ll make that suggestion for our next webcast! But here’s the link for the recording of this one if you would to view: http://www.goldenhelix.com/Events/recordings/making-ngs-data-analysis-clinically-practical/index.html

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